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Synergy Life Group Of Companies

We proudly call it as our great SYNERGY family. But Rome was not built in a day neither was this family. It took the painstaking efforts of thousands of agents to develop and nurture this family. Our first steps began in the year 2004 with just 10 agents , today we are growing successfully along with 10000+ agents and 43000+ customers. Our area of operations/services are located in Krishnagiri, Chengam, Dharmapuri, Hosur, Thiruvannamalai, Vellore, Salem and Kuppam - Andhra Pradesh.
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Our Vision

  • Sustain & enlarge our ever growing referral family with the goal of being the largest referral family in South India by the end of year 2015
  • Most powerful referral company of this state.
  • Seeking to establish a strong PAN india prescence.
  • High-tech concept resorts in all major holiday destinations.
  • Branches in all major districts across India.
Synergy Insurance

Synergy Insurance

Life insurance is one of the most popular savings/ investment vehicles in India. Ironically its probably the least understood too. An insurance policy offers much more than just tax planning and investment returns. It offers you the ability to plan for unforeseen events that could affect your family's financial problem adversely.
For the past 13 years we are playing successfully in insurance division. Click here to know more...



SAPL Realty Corporation Limited is an agriculture based division. SAPL division had acquired its first SITE near Madheepatti of Krishnagiri District. Currently its asset base is spreading all over tamil nadu.

For the past 6 years we are playing successfully in AgroLife division. Click here to know more...

Orange Resorts

Holiday / Resort Division

Orange Resorts division is aiming at the potential of holiday industries. All our resorts will be focusing on concepts like Birds, Animals, Fishes etc...

Our first resort is located at Yercaud, TamilNadu. which is based on Birds Nest and named as Killi Koodu

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Man Power
Job Glad

Man Power Consultancy

A business with enormous potential Job Glad is our man power consulting division looking at potentials driven at Employer, Employee needs for the entire south Indian's corporate environment with the diversified coverage of all type of industries concerned with all the contact points of our past 7 years experiences.

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Orange Zeal
Job Glad

Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Orange Zeal focuses on providing cost-effective solutions to clients interested in outsourcing or off-shore development. We rely on quality, excellence and fast-paced technology to deliver internet services and software solutions customized according to your needs and requirements.

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Glad Get

Glad Get

Glad Get division has been initiated with the aim of utilizing the scope of gadget enthusiasm in our country. We have already got a beautiful response with constant and steady growth for this division.

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From management desk

  • Persons with relevant experience can apply for appropriate positions such as State Leader, Team Leader and Area Managers.
  • All Co-ordinators are requested to update with PAN No. details immediately.

We are located at

Chengam Warning Chengam Branch Email:
Phone: 91 9842734269
Coimbatore Warning Coimbatore Branch Email:
Phone: 91 7373759659
Cuddalore Warning Cuddalore Branch Email:
Phone: 91 7373759652
Dharmapuri Warning Dharmapuri Branch Email:
Phone: 91 7373734276
Erode Warning Erode Branch Email:
Phone: 91 7373002745
Hosur Warning Hosur Branch Email:
Phone: 91 7373734277
Kanchipuram Warning Kanchipuram Branch Email:
Phone: 91 7373759651
Karur Warning Karur Branch Email:
Phone: 91 7373002748
Krishnagiri Warning Krishnagiri Branch Email:
Phone: 91 7373734279
Kuppam Warning Kuppam Branch (AP) Email:
Madurai Warning Madurai Branch Email:
Phone: 91 7373758163
Namakkal Warning Namakkal Branch Email:
Phone: 91 7373002743
Ooty Warning Ooty Branch Email:
Phone: 91 7373759656
Salem Warning Salem Branch Email:
Phone: 91 7373734278
Thanjavur Warning Thanjavur Branch Email:
Phone: 91 7373002747
Theni Warning Theni Branch Email:
Phone: 91 7373002744
Thiruvallur Warning Thiruvallur Branch Email:
Phone: 91 7373758173
Thiruvannamalai Warning Thiruvannamalai Branch Email:
Phone: 91 7373754342
Tirunelveli Warning Tirunelveli Branch Email:
Phone: 91 7373002742
Tiruppur Warning Tiruppur Branch Email:
Phone: 91 7373002746
Vellore Warning Vellore Branch Email:
Phone: 91 7373734274
Villupuram Warning Villupuram Branch Email:
Phone: 91 7373002740
Hyderabad Warning Hyderabad Branch Email:
Phone: 91 9989917451 / 08414-232999